Welcome to The Gene A. Carpenter Foundation website – MarauderPride.org

The Gene A. Carpenter Football Foundation was established in 2006. The Foundation is a non-profit 501c3 corporation. It was founded to provide financial support to the Millersville University football program. Funds are raised through a number of projects including an annual golf outing, tailgate party, football banquet and phonathon. All funds raised must be used by the Foundation and University for and by the football program each year. The Foundation’s Board of Directors is composed of former Marauder players, coaches and friends of Marauder football. Donations to the Foundation are tax exempt and managed by the Board of Directors.

The Board appreciates your interest in our efforts and invites you to visit our site often for updates on events and our football program. We also ask that you sign up for our newsletters so that the Board can keep you informed of our activities.